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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need Advantage Billing Services?

Outsourcing your billing process will both save your practice money AND increase your profits. Your staff will spend less time trying to understand the myriad intricacies of billing codes and claims processing. They will spend time more efficiently handling the business of your day to day practice, focusing on the patients and not the processes.

ABS is an expert source for management of all of your patient billing, accounts receivable management, and payment collection. Let us worry about dealing with the insurance providers and we will ensure the maximum return for your claims.

How aggressive are you with accounts receivables?

We are very aggressive when looking to collect your accounts receivables.

How can I save money with your billing services?

We pay for personal, no Fica taxes, benefits, cheaper to outsource, pay a higher % to what seems to be higher costs but you don’t pay employees.

Do you provide Provider Credentialing services and maintenance of SAQH (updating licenses)?

Yes we do.

How does the process start?

We can get up an running and submitting claims in two weeks*

*depending on size, communications.

Do we have access to our patient data?

Yes, through a secure online portal (cloud-terms) with user name and password?

Do you provide a patient scheduling?

Yes, through a secure online portal (cloud-terms) with user name and password?

How small of a company can you work with?

We can work with clients having an average income of 15K.

Need help with ICD Coding?

Visit our affiliate website at AAPC

What is your collection rate*?

Due to our aggressive insurance accounts receivable our collection is over 95%.

*Collection rate: The adjusted (or net) collection rate is a measure of a medical practice’s effectiveness in collecting reimbursement dollars.

Do we do anything with delinquent patient accounts?

Our process works by sending out a statement, and follow up with a statement or email at 30 days. 60 days Past due, call or email, 90 days one last effort to contact by phone or email then at that point if there is no patient response, we then review the account with the provider and send to collections.

What do I have to send you after my professional service has been completed and I want to collect a payment from the client?

A: ?

Do you collect copays for me?

A: No, if Yes, how do you collect…do you have arrangements with payment systems like stripe for my office?

My billing officer is no longer here, how can I outsource billing?

A: ?

Our Membership Associations

MGMA – www.mgma.com
AMBA – www.ambanet.net/AMBA.htm
Better Business Bureau – www.bbb.org

I Would Highly Recommend Advantage Billing Service To Anyone Due To The Excellent Work Ethic.